It was great.

I went out on Lake George today for my first kayak of the season.

I prepared by wearing water shoes, carrying a change of clothes (which I didn’t need), and using a yoga mat for extra insulation at the bottom of the boat and even though there was still ice along the edges of the lake, I was warm.

I credit that to the sun. The temperatures were in the 60s and there was no wind…barely a soft breeze now and then. It felt warm and welcoming.

I didn’t see wildlife except for a couple of ducks I managed to startle and another couple of ducks that startled me. I could hear Canada geese and bluejays but all in all it was a quiet first paddle of the season.

I went out for the first time this season on Lake George. The water was smooth, the breeze gentle and the sun warm. What a great start to the season.

What a delight.

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