A Bird’s Eye View of the Garden

Construction continues on the garden today.

I will be planting the garden’s Welcome Circle this afternoon. If you want to help, come by around 4 p.m. Bring your own trowel, please.

Huge thank you to John Mishoe, owner of Dehn’s Flowers and Greenhouses in Saratoga Springs. I was there this morning choosing strong, healthy plants for the butterfly garden. They have many butterfly attracting annuals including cleome, salvias, several different marigolds, snapdragons, cosmos, and an assortment of zinnias.

I was delighted with the selection. It should be very colorful for humans. And since this year is supposed to be a banner year for butterflies, attractive to our winged friends as well.

A crew is working on the garden today. In the photo below, the bulldozer is filling beds with topsoil. The photo, taken from the roof of Embury Towers, shows the progress made so far. When done, there will be about 50 raised beds in the garden.

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