Ebony Jewelwings

We had guests this weekend and took them to the park for a walk. As we made our way along the bank of a stream bed a fluttering caught our eye. It was a damsel fly with black wings and an iridescent blue-green body. What a beauty. There were between 10 and 20 flitting about over the water or resting on grasses that grew along the shore.

We looked up these eye-catching insects and they were Ebony Jewelwing  damsel flies (Calopteryx maculata). The males are the beauties. The females are brown with white tips. From what we could surmise, it looked like the males were jousting for the females attention. They dove and circled, fluttered and flew.

These images are the best we could do with the cellphones we had with us. It gives you the idea.


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