Bokan, Boston and Bloom

Susan Bokan, the dynamic force behind the creation of the Saratoga Springs Community Garden at Wesley, was in Boston for the 4th rubbing elbows with world-renowned plantsman Adrian Bloom, pictured above. Susan was assisting with the Greenway tour for the Perennial Plant Association Convention and Bloom was one of the convention’s guest speakers.  Bloom is a nurseryman, gardener and writer, and president of the famous Blooms of Bressingham nursery in Norfolk, England.

2 thoughts on “Bokan, Boston and Bloom

  1. Hi Natalie, We met on the Appledore Garden tour this past Saturday – you mentioned another garden tour in NY state whe we were discussing the NYBG Monet exhibit – can you remind me what the name of it is? It was lovely meeting you in such a magical place, I know I’ll be going back again!

    Also love this blog and I’ll be back here often!
    Suzanne (from CT)

  2. I mentioned Innisfree as a wonderful place to see Lotus in bloom. I hope you get there and keep in touch. You can google them at They are located at 362 Tyrrel Road Millbrook, NY 12545
    (845) 677-8000
    I hope you love it.

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