Whitefly Damage

I noticed the leaves of my beans were yellowing and curling.

When I lightly brushed the plant to see if any insect made an appearance I was greeted by little whiteflies trying to make their escape. These insects – which are not true flies – are a lot like aphids in that they suck juices from plants.

If you suspect you have whiteflies in your plot, brush the plant leaves like I did and watch. You can also confirm your suspicions by looking under the leaves for insects, frass or a shiny, sticky substance they produce called “honeydew.”

As a control, I used an organic insecticidal soap and washed the plants. I’m sure this will need to be repeated to be effective.

How’s your garden? If you have a question, write me in the comments area below. I will try to help. – Natalie Walsh, Master Gardener and the writer of this blog.

2 thoughts on “Whitefly Damage

  1. Frass is insect poop.

    I was talking to another gardener this morning and she asked me to take a look at what was damaging her vegetables. She said when she watered all these insects flew up into the air. Sound familiar? She had whiteflies.

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