Using the Herbs We Grow

I noticed that there is a lot of basil in the garden. Did you know basil makes a refreshing summer drink?

Here’s the recipe: 4 lemons, 2 limes, 1 cup fresh basil leaves and one-half cup sugar and 4 cups water.

On the stove, dissolve the sugar in 2 cups of water, add basil and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer for five minutes, take it off the heat and let it cool completely.  Strain into a glass pitcher and add remaining water.  Squeeze the lemon and lime juices into the water. Add ice and serve with a sprig of fresh basil as a garnish.

If you have a recipe to share, send it along and I will post it for everyone.

One thought on “Using the Herbs We Grow

  1. Here’s a shortcut to the above recipe that I came up with yesterday that is delicious. Buy a container of lemonade (I used Newman’s). Add a cup of basil to boiling water and let it simmer 5 minutes. Strain. Cool. Fill a glass 2/3 with lemonade and 1/3 with the basil concentrate. Add ice and a sprig of basil for garnish. Now that is simple and my guests loved it.

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