What Should I Bring to Dinner?

Last night, I was invited to dinner at the home of friends and my contribution was to be a salad. Of course, I headed to the garden.

I had cucumbers, basil and loads of cherry tomatoes. This is also prime time for local corn. So I made a corn cherry tomato salad. Yum.

Here’s what I did.

I cleaned and halved a quart of red and yellow cherry tomatoes, minced a handful of fresh basil leaves, diced a small sweet onion, removed the seeds of one cucumber and diced. All this went in a bowl. So far, it seemed like a regular non-adventurous salad.

Next, I blanched five ears of corn in boiling water and then ran them under cold water to stop the cooking. This was to soften the corn just a bit. Once cool, I removed kernels with a sharp knife.

For the dressing, I did the usual ratio of one part acid to 3 parts olive oil.  I love the taste of limes and had three in the house but another citrus or a vinegar would do as well for the acid. Use what you have on hand. It’s summer..no stressing. Next add salt and a wee bit of sugar.

I mixed it well and kept it refrigerated. Everyone enjoyed it. The dinner gathering was great fun.

And, the salad looked pretty…summer colorful in reds, yellows and greens. Next time I may add something dark green…maybe some broccoli florets and garnish with purple basil leaves for additional color. Red onion might be nice, too.

I love the summer garden and the creative meals that flow from it. If you have a salad you are fond of, share the recipe and I will post it here.



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