Saving Zinnia Seed

The zinnias in the Welcome Circle are starting to fade and I’m starting to save seeds.

Saving zinnia seed is easy. Leave the blooms on the zinnias until they brown. Cut the flower heads off and remove the petals. At the very center are the seed heads. Break each apart and place in a brown paper bag. Store in a cool, dry location. In May, once frost is no longer a danger, plant outdoors.

The zinnias planted this year were called State Fair and had huge flowers in bright colors including reds, yellows, orange, purple and pinks. State Fair is a disease resistant variety, a very desirable trait.

The tall, spiky flowers in the center of the circle are cleome. These seeds have been ripening for several weeks now and typically self-sow. To be safe, however, these seeds will also be gathered and saved. They will be stored in the refrigerator as they need a cool period before planting.


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