Clean Up by Oct. 30th

Gardeners have until October 30th to clean their plots.

As per the Community Garden’s rules, all plots must be cleaned of all plant materials, including the roots of anything you have grown.

If the plant was diseased, please put the plant debris in the trash bin and not the compost. Before composting, shake the soil off the roots of all plants.

If you grew mint or another invasive plant, it is especially important that you remove all traces of roots from the soil. Sunflowers have a massive root system, dig it up, shake the soil into the beds and discard.

There were several fungal diseases in the plots this season. To reduce the possibility of reoccurrence it is important that the beds are cleaned of all plant material.

All beds must be raked smooth. There are rakes in the shed.

The paths around the individual plots must be left clean of debris and are the responsibility of the gardener.

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