Plot Lottery Planned

All plots will be assigned next year through several lottery systems. The lotteries will be held in early Spring.

This is a change that has resulted from the high demand for plots.

There will be a lottery for the 10 plots set aside for Wesley community residents. Another lottery for community members at large including Wesley community residents and a third lottery (if it is necessary) for the five handicap accessible raised beds.

Because of the high demand for plots, Susan Bokan and Nikki Williams, Director at Embury Apartments, decided this year’s gardeners who want a plot to garden next year will need to enter the general lottery.

Gardeners who failed to maintain their assigned plots this year are not eligible. Failure to maintain includes not weeding, leaving diseased plants to rot in plots and neglecting crops.

If you wish to garden at the Saratoga Springs Community Garden next year, fill in an application and mail it to Susan Bokan. Application forms can be accessed at the top of the page, printed out and mailed to 81 Lincoln Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

One thought on “Plot Lottery Planned

  1. Thanks so much to all of you who have been responsible for bringing this community garden to Saratoga. I’ve loved keeping up, through Natalie’s blog, with who’s gardening there, how beautiful the gardens are, what diseases have been discovered… and what to do about them!
    Thanks, thanks, thanks for this great addition to our Saratoga community!

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