A Killing Frost

Last night it went down to the 20s and the season came to an end for tomatoes and other temperature sensitive crops like the squash pictured below.  Sigh.

On a bright note, it was a good first year for our community garden and gardeners.

That’s my hero pulling out three sunflower root systems that were too tough for me to wrestle out of the ground.

It was a satisfying season.

2 thoughts on “A Killing Frost

  1. Getting to know many of the other gardeners has been a wonderful experience and the exchange of info on how they fix their produce was fun. Thanks everyone for sharing.

    Ruth Ann Messick

  2. I was asked about the usual timing for first and last frosts.
    On average, a light frost occurs before 10/11. A hard frost (below 28 degrees) occurs before 10/26.
    In the Spring, the average last frost is May 20.

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