Wintering the Saxton Daylilies

I was on my way to the garden today when I noticed Peter Saxton working in his field of daylilies.

Naturally, I pulled over to say hello. Peter generously donated daylilies hybridized by his father, the late Stanley E. Saxton, to the community garden. If you want to see images of the flowers click on the Saxton daylilies tab at the top of this page.

During our conversation, I asked Peter the best way to prepare the daylily bed for winter. The bed is located at the entrance to the garden below the sign. He said to let the leaves yellow and die down. And don’t remove them until Spring. The leaves will act as a mulch and protect the daylilies until consistently warm weather returns.

So, that’s what I will do. Today I weeded around the day lilies and cleaned the paths on either side of stray grasses.

The rest will stay as it is until Spring.

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