Stay in Touch This Winter

Now that the garden is closed for the winter, the blog is going to take a rest, too.

I won’t be writing as often but if you want to know when I do write about the garden, follow me by email.

That way you will be the first to know when a post concerning the garden is published. To do so, go to top of the column at the right and click “Follow Blog Via Email.”

Just so you know, we had about 4,000 visitors to the blog this season. That’s wonderful. Thank you, all.

I’m thinking of ways to make the blog even better.

This winter I will be adding information about organic fertilizers and pesticides that can be used in the garden. Tips on seed starting, making the most of a 10×5 plot with succession planting, composting and choosing the most disease resistant varieties are among the article topics I’m considering as well. If you have an article suggestion, let me know.

It has been a pleasure.

Have a wonderful winter. I look forward to see you in the garden next Spring.

– Natalie Walsh, Master Gardener and Blogger

6 thoughts on “Stay in Touch This Winter

  1. Thanks for all the wonderful photos and the oh so helpful information, Natalie. You have been a superb chronicler of this great addition to our community.

  2. Natalie, I’ll look forward to your informative posts throughout the Winter. Enjoy the cold and the snow…I like this time of hibernation…until about February. Then we’ll head West til April. I’ll keep in touch…my computer goes with me! Ellen

  3. Think I’m feeling a bit of spring fever-or maybe it”s the flu….hope not. Good time to remind all that haven”t all ready gotten it-flu shots do prevent the flu! So I’m missing all things gardening and really looking forward to planning and planting-it’s never too early to start. I wasn’t able to attend the harvest dinner-but did want to thank Natalie and Susan and all the others that made the community garden happen-what a joy it was! Hope to see you in the spring!

  4. Hi Natalie,
    I am disappointed that we’re moving to Facebook. I don’t like this PUBLIC domain and do not want to put myself out there. I think it’s a huge invasion of privacy. Consequently, I’ll be out of the loop unless we continue to receive email blogs which I thoroughly enjoy. If there is going to be another wayto get this information, let me know. I really want no part of Facebook. I don’t want people finding me or sending me stuff I don’t want to see. It just is not something I have any desire to be a part of…I loved the email blog. It was private and perfect. I’m hoping there are more like me and we can forward the blogs by email to those who do not want to be facebook people.
    Ellen Downing

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