Lottery Held, Boxes Assigned

Hello everyone and welcome.

There will be a meeting of all gardeners on April 7 at 7 p.m. in the Embury Dining Room. For those who are new, Embury Towers are the tall buildings next to the garden. The dining room is on the first floor.

See you then.

Natalie, Master Gardener and Blogger

2 thoughts on “Lottery Held, Boxes Assigned

  1. Hi Natalie- Looking forward to a new year of fun at the community garden! I am currently involved in a master garden project at the Beacon Pointe Memory Care Center in Clifton Park.  They are interested in getting some help in establishing a garden for the residents-my question to you is where did we obtain the soil for the garden in Wesley?  This information would be most helpful-and maybe I could pick your brain as the project moves along as the Saratoga project was such a success.  The garden in CP is nowhere near that large-but I am very excited about being involved. -Terri Peace


  2. Good to hear from you.
    Our soil source is Booth Farm for
    Booth’s Blend Compost.
    Here is the contact information:
    R. Harry Booth & Kevin Booth
    56 General Fellows Road
    Greenwich, NY 12834

    phones: 518 695 6784 or 518 692 1144

    Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m happy to help. Natalie

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