Saturday’s To Do List

1 – Pull Bishop’s weed from all garden beds. Bishop’s weed, aka Aegopodium podagraria, has been my nemesis since I moved into this garden a little over a decade ago.

I once met a gardener who wouldn’t buy a house because the landscape was overrun with this highly invasive plant. I did buy the house and ended up covering the ground with black plastic for two years to smother the weed. This was very effective but every Spring and occasionally during the summer, I have to do hand to hand combat with this nightmare of a plant that my husband calls “Vicious weed.”

Today is that day. One of the things I’ve learned is this plant’s roots are runners that can be very long….measured in feet not inches and that you really need to dig it out by the roots to keep it under control.

This may be the only chore I get done today. But if there’s time….

2 – Mulch. A good two inches of shredded cedar mulch will hold the moisture where it should be all season, keep weeds down and make the garden look fresh.

What are you doing today?

3 thoughts on “Saturday’s To Do List

  1. last thing I should be doing is reading blogs…but alas I’m taking a little break from completing a portfolio blurb book that has to go to print tomorrow night

    • I understand. Blogs draw you in. Going online is the last thing I should be do right now but checking email is the first thing I did after taking off my grungy sneakers. What can I say. I like blogging.

      How’s the portfolio coming?

      • It is going good, if I had two weeks to finish instead of two days I would say great…but, will take good and get back to work 🙂

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