Garden Gladness

I stopped by the garden today.

I noted the compost pile near the parking lot is just about down to the ground, several plots have started plantings of spinach and lettuces, and some other plots have started seeds. There are signs of new life everywhere.

That made me smile. This is a great garden.

I also noted that the compost in the bins near the pergola needs turning. If you can do even one bin, that would help. Right now all three bins have been filled and some of the plant material is quite large. These pieces will take longer to decompose.

It would help the compost along if:
1- It was turned to bring what is on the bottom of the pile up to the top.
2- Gardeners broke up garden waste before adding it to the compost pile. For example, large stems should be cut into sections no bigger than your hand. This would speed up decomposition.
3- I see people are adding garbage waste. Just a reminder, never add meats, fish, or dairy products, diseased plants or leaves.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Garden Gladness

  1. Natalie,

    I assume the front walls of the compost slide up so I can turn the compost? If so, I will turn on my next visit today or tomorrow. I love this space and am thoroughly enjoying having my own garden at long last. The other gardeners are just great. Sue John

  2. Yes. The goal is to have the middle bin empty so the finished compost can go there. It has been filled with plant materials. If it is possible, please add the material in the middle bin to the two ends bins while turning. And, if you see huge chunks of plant debris, sticks, etc. that will take too long to decompose please remove them. Thanks for your help. Natalie

    P.S. Your plot looks so welcoming…colorful and happy.

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