A Garden Day

Nice things happened today.

First, my position with the Moreau Community Garden was confirmed. I guess you could call me a garden coach. I will be helping community gardeners succeed in growing vegetables and flowers.

Once a week, we will talk about anything and everything in the garden from keeping the soil healthy, to using the many vegetables and herbs that will grow this season, to dealing with insects and diseases in an organic manner. We will be planting Memorial Day weekend and if you want a plot you should get in touch with the Moreau Recreation Department at (518) 793-0196.

Second, I worked in my garden. I decided to grow my vegetables in Earthboxes again. This has worked very well in the past.

Today I pulled the boxes out of storage, washed them down and added soil-less mix to round the tops. They are now in the sun so the “earth” can warm up. It is still too soon to grow tomatoes and peppers, but vegetables like broccoli, lettuces, and spinach love these cool night and warm days. So you can guess what I will be planting tomorrow.

If you aren’t familiar with Earthbox, check out the website: http://earthbox.com

There are several reasons I use these:
1 – You can put the whole system of boxes (I have a dozen) on a watering system so you never have to water by hand. You can’t over water or underwater.
2 – You never have to weed. A black plastic goes over the soil top. No weeds, ever.
3 – It is about as care-free as gardening can be.
I have to mind diseases and insects such as the tomato hornworm but this is about as low-maintenance as you can imagine.
4- I can squeeze in the boxes in the limited garden spaces I have.

BTW- I don’t get anything from Earthbox. I just like the product. There are similar products sold at local garden centers such at Hewitt’s. I just haven’t had experience with those.

This is a picture of an Earthbox planted with tomato plants from my garden last year.07Philly06 copy

Happy gardening.

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