Small Scale Garden Big on Imagination

Mostly, the garden is made of succulents along with herbs such as the rosemary "tree" and thyme shrubbery.

Mostly, the garden is made of succulents along with herbs such as the rosemary “tree” and thyme shrubbery.

It was love at first sight.

We were having lunch at The Black Cat restaurant in Sharon Springs, NY and tucked in a corner of the outdoor deck was a shop called Garden Creations. One of those creations was this delightful miniature garden in a bowl.

Sweet, petite and perfect as a centerpiece for an outdoor table. Or you can take this idea a little further and create an elfin garden tucked among your flower beds. Perhaps using a tiny birdhouse or creating a house of twigs like you imagine a fairy might do. Great project for imaginative young ones to help create and then play in with little dolls.

Either way, this would be a charming addition to an outdoor space and play area.


5 thoughts on “Small Scale Garden Big on Imagination

  1. I love it, Natalie!!!!! There is much to love in Sharon Springs — and I believe the best rueben I have ever eaten was at the Black Cat!!!

    • Yum. That’s sounds good. I had the chicken curry sandwich which came on raisin bread. It was really, really good.

      Sharon Springs is a nice little town and about a half hour away is Let It Grow, a nursery that carries unusual plants for our region – look at their website. It definitely is a destination for gardeners.

      • I’ve been there LOTS of times, Natalie!!! It’s for sure very special! And my second favorite at the Black Cat is definitely the chicken curry salad sandwich — “Great minds think alike”!

  2. Between Sharon Springs and Let It Grow is the village of Cherry Valley. I show in a gallery there, Cherry Branch — it is only open from noon on, I believe, from Wednesday through Sunday. There are several quaint shops there but I cannot remember their names right now (nothing new) … Worth a pit stop if you are on a little road trip!

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