We Accomplished A Lot in the Garden

It was a hot day but gardeners were busy and we crossed many chores off the list.

To begin, the children who are part of the Family Gardening Program harvested cucumbers, the last of the snap peas and the first flush of green beans. Some of these vegetables went back to the Moreau Community Center to be eaten at snack time and others were consumed by the young gardeners on the spot. Delicious. And very satisfying to eat vegetables from the plants you have been tending.

The next chore was to thin the carrots. Carrots like between 3 and 4 inches between plants and ours were tightly packed. Using the thumb and pointer finger, I showed the young gardeners how to pull out the plants leaving the proper spacing between the remaining plants.

I think the gardeners were happily surprised to see the tiny carrots that were at the other end of the greens they pulled up. Not all the plants had a mini carrot on the end but enough did to add them to the bag of goodies that went back with the gardeners to the community center.

Bok Choy went back, too. One of the gardeners said he had never tried it, never even heard of it.
“But I will try it,” he added. I smiled at his sense of adventure.

Gardeners also identified the squash bug and squash bug eggs on their zucchini plants. There were quite a few – between one and two dozen bugs – and hundreds of eggs. I cleaned the leaves of the cooper colored eggs and sprayed with neem oil. Hopefully this will bring the problem under control.

If you find copper colored eggs take them off the leaf and crush them. I noticed a little wilting of the plant, this is the damage that squash bugs do. I will check back in a few days to see if the plant responded to today’s care.

If it wilts, it will have to be pulled out.

Next week, we will do more harvesting and tasting from the garden. Perhaps, you’d like to join us and see our garden?

FRAN – the damage at the base of the squash you showed me was done by a squash vine borer. There is a fact sheet on this insect posted on the community garden board.

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