Rain Changes Plans

Hello everyone – It is raining too hard for us to meet in the garden today.

Are you free tomorrow? I will be in the garden tomorrow – Wednesday – starting at 9:30.

There is a lot to do….from harvesting to staying on top of early blight and Septoria leaf spot. We have green beans galore (4 quarts I think), the tomatoes are beginning to turn red, cucumbers are ready to be harvested, and we have green peppers. All these vegetables will go over to the Moreau Community Center.

And don’t forget the squash bugs. I heard from other master gardeners that this year the squash bugs are especially prolific. So, it isn’t just our garden. Please stay on top of this problem so we get a good harvest of zucchini, squash, pumpkins and melons.

Fran – I have a rhubarb plant for you that I will leave in your plot.

I’m sorry the rain changed our plans for today, but I’m happy it is soaking our gorgeous garden!


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