Shooting a Photo into the Morning Sun

20130925_6484Near where I live, race horses practice the warm months of the year.

They were practicing this morning. I stopped to watch and was thinking, “How do I get a good photo of this? The sun is rising behind them and streaming toward me. The railings are reflecting white light. The horses and riders look almost…but not quite silhouetted.”

I put the camera on manual and adjusted the shutter speed and aperture. This was shot at f10 1/320 – ISO is 400. And I shoot.

I’m never content with the results. It is so much prettier in person. Any suggestions?


I was told to widen the aperture and try again…which I will tomorrow morning.

4 thoughts on “Shooting a Photo into the Morning Sun

  1. Just a thought here: If I were shooting this same scene I’d be standing along the rail, capturing the horse & rider coming through that turn. By getting closer you might also be able to eliminate a portion of the cloudless sky. I would really love to see the action shot I envision.

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