Grandfather’s Buttons

cropped4webMy grandfather was a tailor in New York City during the early to mid-1900s.

This is a photo of some of the hundreds of buttons he stored in a glass jar that came to be mine. Every once in a while I like to take them out, hold them up to the light and look at them.

Pretty aren’t they? The one near the bottom of the flower…that’s always been my favorite.

2 thoughts on “Grandfather’s Buttons

    • I think so, too.

      When you pick each one up, you can’t help but wonder what sort of garment they might have adorned.

      The black ones with the white toothed design on the edge, look art deco to me. And the big beige one near the right hand corner, I seem to remember on one of my grandmother’s Easter coats. Sweet memory.

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