Moreau Community Garden Report

PromiseMCG2014The garden was in good form this morning. Everywhere I looked I could see tiny plants emerging from the soil.

I love seeing the seedlings opening up and I am always amazed that these tiny plants will grow to be healthy and nutritious vegetables. Yum.

I didn’t notice any insects today. But I did put another empty jar in the basket under the bulletin board. If you find an insect you need identified, leave it there and I will post what it is and what to do about it in this blog.

Weeds are getting a hold in some beds. Lamb’s quarters is especially prevalent. Don’t forget that you are responsible for weeding not only your bed, but the pathways around it.

Be sure to water, too. We can’t rely on the hit or miss showers we have had. My beds were very dry.

Here are some other images from the garden for you to enjoy.



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