What is that Blue Flower?

bachelorbuttonsFor everyone that has asked, the bed of frilly, blue flowers are bachelor’s buttons, an annual that self sows.

Bachelor’s Buttons – also called Cornflowers – are very attractive to insects such as ladybugs, lacewings and beneficial wasps all of which benefit the garden by attacking insects that do harm to our plants. It is a always a good idea to grow plants that attract beneficial insects.

What makes this plant so attractive is high sugar content of the nectar and the fact that nectar is available not only through the flowers but also the leaves – even when the plant isn’t flowering.

The blue flowers stand about 2-3 foot tall and will bloom until summer. If we remove the dying flowers, bachelor’s buttons will bloom until September.

How Did it Gets it’s Name?

During Victorian times, bachelor’s buttons were widely used as a boutonniere flower.

And, yes I will gather seed in the fall and share with anyone who would like some.

Let me know.

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