When, Where and How of Fertilizing

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 7.45.05 PMIt’s time to start fertilizing vegetables.

We have Plant-tone in the shed in a blue bucket that can be used by all community gardeners.

Directions: Sprinkle One Tablespoon of Plant Tone for each plant in a circle about three inches from the stem of the plant and gently scratch it into the soil. You can do this every other week throughout the summer. Never let the fertilizer touch the stem. Water well.

More is Not Better

If you’re tempted to add more, remember too much fertilizer will produce an abundance of leaves but few fruits. Not what you want in your tomato patch.

Also bear in mind that we added composted manure – a fertilizer – to our beds in the fall, the nutrients of which are already feeding our plants. If your plants are growing strong, you don’t have to add a thing.

See you in the garden, Natalie


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