Pesto Making

I have a delightful problem.

I grow more basil, arugula, and parsley than I can eat.

Yummy problem.

So this morning, I made three kinds of pesto.

The first pesto I made was with arugula. I wash and trim the leaves. Set them to dry on a clean towel. Then I put a cup of olive oil in the blender with three big cloves of garlic and chopped it fine. Next I add several cups of arugula, a half cup of grated reggiano parmesan cheese, some salt and pureed in the blender.

You can add pine nuts or walnuts. My grandmother did. I don’t because family members have nut allergies.

If you want to  store the pesto in the refrigerator or freezer, add a thin layer of olive oil over the top surface. That trick was one of grandma’s.
I have frozen mine in ice-cube trays to make it easy to use later on._DSC0895_1651

The next pesto was made by substituting basil for the arugula in the recipe above and I added a little pepper to the mix.

And finally, I made a garlic and parsley pesto. I used only parsley and  increased the number of garlic cloves to five. This pesto is very tasty with fish. I squeezed a lemon and added a tablespoon of lemon zest to this variation of the recipe.

What kind of pestos do you make?

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