Community Gardens Go Live

This is so cool.
We can now livestream our community garden
Thank you Robert Arnold for creating this for us.

We will be able to tune in anytime to see what’s up.
Tomorrow will be a big day in the garden.

I will be there in the morning around 9 to get fabric down and gravel where it needs to be before the Navy comes on Thursday. They will be moving stone dust for us.  I am grateful for their help and want to get the garden ready for them to work efficiently.

Your help is appreciated.

Then I will be back in the garden at 3 p.m. to plant the sunflower area on the west side of the gardens. Not only will this help the pollinators in the garden, but it will be bright and cheerful for us.

Tomorrow is the big rush because, if we can get them in the ground tomorrow they will bloom for the art show in mid-September. That will be beautiful.

Come help if you can.  Sunflower seed planters only need to bring a trowel.

We will be planting the sunflower seeds in rows and those who have helped before know the job goes quickly when we work together.
This made me think of the sunflowers already planted. Have you checked them out? They are growing in  leaps and bounds now. The one plant I am tracking went from 7 and three quarter inches to 12 inches in one week.  At this rate, we will be able to meet in the sunflower house for a cup of coffee very soon. 🙂
Thank you for all the help you give.  I couldn’t do this without you.

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