Soil Samples Taken Yesterday


Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 7.52.50 AM

We had flurries yesterday as we took soil samples from the Pitney Meadows Community Gardens and the entire farm.  That’s Paul Arnold, above, collecting the samples, which will be tested for nutrients. The analysis we receive will provide an informed base on which to add appropriate soil amendments.

We did this last year, too.  Testing provides the information we need to improve our sandy soils over time and to know what amendments our soil needs to best support healthy plant life. It’s a commitment to making the soils productive now and better with each coming year.

In the community gardens, four areas were sampled: the raised beds, the area to the East where the new beds will be constructed, the area nearest the field where other new plots are planned and the area North of that.

Keep posted. I will write about the results as soon as they arrive.


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