Grandmother’s Garden at Pitney Meadows Community Farm


Making little fairy dresses from petals will be one of the activities encouraged in the Grandmother’s Garden at Pitney Meadows Community Gardens.

Thank you to the Soroptimists for a grant of $200 toward the creation of a grandmother’s garden in the Pitney Meadows Community Gardens to foster the sharing of memories and wisdom from one generation to another.

The garden will be planted with perennials as well as old-fashioned annuals such as hollyhocks, zinnias and sensory favorites such as lamb’s ears.

The idea is that grandparents and children can look, touch, smell, listen and enjoy the serenity and natural wonders of the gardens.

“It can be a quiet place to sit, read and talk or a place for curious explorations and creative endeavors,” said Natalie Walsh, Garden Director.

“There will be instructive flyers on how to make hollyhock dolls, or how to use mint to make tea or how to press flowers to make outfits for fairies,” she added.

There will also be a reading library with books for grandmothers to read to children that foster a love for the natural world.

Generations will be able to enjoy this space together.  “It’s wonderful that we will be able to begin this project this year. We appreciate the Soroptimist grant and will be putting it towards the purchase of perennials.,” said Walsh.

The grandmother’s garden consists of four large planting beds around the pergola, which will be dedicated in June in honor of Charlotte Justin and was funded by the Justin family.

If you would like to contribute toward this garden, and the purchase of books, perennials and annuals, we would love to hear from you.

UPDATE: We received another $200 donation. Thank you Patrick R.


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