High Energy in the Garden Today



Thanks to a handful of hardworking volunteers, six of the 11×8 bed frames were made.  Special thank you to Rich T., George W., Jim Gold, Andy Roth, Lezlie D., Peter G., Barbara G., Heather V. for helping build beds and more.

Some gardeners came by (John, Paul, Paula, Tina, Harry) and located their plots. Some added compost (OMRI rated please) and chatted.

I gave tours through our newly renovated garden shed which was organized by Jess C. Charlotte  C., and Marcia C..  You have to check it out. Rich T. did a great job. Now everything has a place.  Thanks to Pat and Marcia for their help today. It is appreciated.

We are lining up work parties for the week and would love to know if you can help. We have 6 more 8x11s to build and three 11x19s.  If you can lend a hand, let me know when you can come. What is best, evenings or next weekend?

I heard from a few folks that next Saturday is good.

If I know who can make it and when, I can better organize a work party as we need four people to put together (and carry) a finished bed.

Thank you, Natalie


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