We’re Still Making Our Beds…

closeup bedbuildingSo far, we have built 9 4×8 beds and 10 8×11 beds. We still need to make 1 more 8×11 and 3 more 11x19s.

After they are constructed, we have to move them into the community gardens. It takes effort. We will be building on Friday starting around 4 p.m. and again on Saturday, too, starting at 9 a.m.

If we can, we will begin moving the beds into the gardens on Saturday.

Please come help.  It takes a group to do this and our goal is to be ready for the community gardeners by mid-May.


2 thoughts on “We’re Still Making Our Beds…

  1. Natalie, what is the height of the beds and what do you fill them with, all soil, or something coarser on the bottom or middle ‘layers’ before topsail? Asking because we have an Eagle Scout rebuilding some very old raised beds, approx 24″ tall and have no idea what is down under the well worn out soil at the top of the beds. He was going to just replace the current soil, but we want to give him better suggestions.

    Ours will differ in need as we only plan to put in annuals as opposed to some deep rooted vegetables. but are looking for ideas to not need all soil if practical…cost for one. I’ve seen some put upside down milk crates with some sort of covering over them to raise the bottom level, other suggestion for rocks.

    TIA, Cathy

    BTW, love following the fantastic Pitney project.


    • Most of the beds are about 12 inches high and filled only with soil.
      The taller 24 inch troughs have about 6 inches of gravel, then landscape fabric and then soil. This was done so they drain well.
      Good Gardening.

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