Forty Volunteers in the Community Gardens Today

What a day.

Volunteers from the Navy arrived and did so much to help us get the Pitney Meadows Community Gardens ready for the season.

And it was hard work.  All morning and again in the afternoon, 40 young, strong men and women leveled the dirt pathways, determine the drainage grade, Put down landscape fabric and rubble and then the stone dust.  This is heavy work that this team made look easy.

The pathways on the west side are just about completed now.

There are still beds to set in place on Saturday and we need volunteers for that. But the Navy has promised to come help us finish the pathways around the new beds next week.

Thank you all.  Your work is much appreciated. If you can join us on Saturday, please do.

And thank you to Jim Gold and Bill Pitney, both of whom are extraordinary volunteers on the farm.

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