Volunteers Make it Happen

The Pitney Meadows Community Gardens were fortunate to have volunteers from two sources yesterday.

Saratoga Central Catholic volunteers plotted, planned and planted a sunflower house for children to play within this summer.  When it grows, our sunflower house will be a  large rectangle with an opening for a door and “walls” of tall sunflowers.


It will be where the Saturday morning children’s reading program will be held. And, will offer a space for children to play and picnic.

Thank you to the students who participated. Please come back to see the what you created as the garden grows.


The Navy sent a group of 18 volunteers to the garden and so much was completed.

Pathways were prepared, fabric was installed to block weeds, rubble and stone dust were put in place, picnic tables were sanded and clear coated, our library house for children’s books was painted, beds were raked, gardens were composted, and perennial transplants were set in place.  Wow.

They are an amazing group and we deeply appreciate the work they do.


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