Children’s Library in the Gardens

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Heather VonAllmen standing near the library house she decorated for the Pitney Meadows Community Gardens.

Thank you Anne and Heather!

This Spring, Anne Curtin donated a little library house to the Pitney Meadows Community Gardens.

And this week, Heather VonAllmen decorated the house with farm motifs that are sure to delight.

The little house will be mounted on the shed and visitors are welcome to select a book to read to children while in the gardens. Most of the books have a nature or garden theme and were donated to the community gardens to foster an enjoyment of the natural world and gardening.

Thank you also to those who have left books in the garden shed for this purpose.

Starting  June 9th, Faye Mihuta will be leading a reading program for children grade K to 3 in the gardens starting at 9:30 a.m. This program will be followed by an art activity at 10 a.m. supervised by Jess Clauser.  The public is welcome. Please pre-register by signing in at the garden shed or by emailing

See you in the garden, Natalie


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