Pollinator Gardens Planting May 30

Monarch4I just heard from Brookside  Nursery that our order of plants for the Grandmother’s Garden and the Butterfly Garden will be arriving at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

There are over 150 plants arriving and I could use many hands to get them into the beds that surround the pergola and into the butterfly garden.
The plants chosen support Monarch butterflies and other pollinators as well as looking beautiful and having an old-fashioned appeal.

Stacy Simmons, a great designer from Brookside, will be helping to place the plants where they need to be planted. Volunteers will then dig the plants into their new homes and water them in. The soil has already been prepared.
If you can help get these beds established, it would be greatly appreciated by me and the bees and butterflies.
The last step will be to create a crisp edging with a flat spade.
It is going to be spectacular and so helpful to our environment as a whole, the Monarch habitat we are creating and to the community gardens.
I hope you will come and help. Even in only for a short time.
When you come bring work gloves, a trowel or digging shovel. If you have flat spade shovel we can use to create the crisp edging on the beds, that would be welcomed and appreciated
Let me know if you can come. Thank you. Natalie

2 thoughts on “Pollinator Gardens Planting May 30

  1. Natalie:

    Wow! That is exciting. Have you gotten any assistance so far? Do you hope to get it finished in the morning, or will this stretch out later in the day? If it was still going on in the late afternoon, I was wondering if the Girl Scouts could help after school?


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    • Yes. Gratefully, many volunteers will be on hand. I think we will be done by late afternoon. The girl scouts are going to be planting sunflowers very soon so they will be part of this project.

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