Thirty Volunteers Help Create Grandmother’s and Butterfly Gardens


The pictures say it all.

We had a wonderful turnout to plant the grandmother’s garden around the pergola and the Monarch Butterfly Habitat near the entrance to the Pitney Meadows Community Gardens.

Thank you to Ian Murray of Brookside Nursery. And to Stacy Simmons, a terrific designer, who took the list of plants we wanted to attract pollinators and creatively placed them to their best advantage. It looks wonderful.

And, thank you to the dynamic team of 30 volunteers who edged the beds, planted and watered all the plants.

We were done in record time and the gardens look lovely.

A soroptimist grant for $200, a donation from Saratoga Springs resident Patrick Ryall, and a $500 donation from the Hays and Margaret Crimmel Fund were put towards the creation of this garden which contained many old-fashioned plants and plants that attract beneficial insects.

At the same time we were planting, Rich and Arik Torkelson were putting up the pergola.  What a beautiful statement it makes in the community gardens providing a shady place for us to gather. Hope to see you there.

Enjoy the images.


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