What’s the Buzz?

Why it’s the bees of course.

Take a look at the bees and butterflies enjoying our pollinator plants.  Next year, we will create four pollinator beds filled with plants the bees, butterflies and birds find appealing.

If you want to be part of the buzz, let me know. We will need help planning, purchasing and planting seeds and transplants that have been donated.  If you have plants that are suitable for this endeavor, let me know.

We have two holding beds in the gardens with perennials that will be planted for the pollinators next Spring. But, we could use liatris, butterfly weed and echinacea to name a few.  Can you help?



A Garden Observation

I’ve started to clean up the beds in my garden but stopped when I saw this fellow on the marigolds gathering pollen. It reminded me to enjoy the little moments that are left. It is pleasantly warm this week, but our average first frost usually occurs before October 10th. Time is fleeting.