Outstanding Horticultural Art Exhibit in Gatineau, Canada


What does this gardener do on holiday?

She visits horticulture masterpieces, of course!

Today I returned from the Mosaiculture exhibit in Gatineau, Canada.

What’s mosaiculture? It’s art with horticulture. This horticultural technique established in Beijing and Shanghai and just beginning to be known on this continent uses sculpture, paint and plants to create massive and breathtaking works of art.

Inside each sculpture is an armature, much like topiary. Some are wire, but some of the interior structural forms are made with plastics that look more like a giant set of Legos pieced together. The viewer never sees this part. It is covered by different plants to create texture, patterns and show coarseness or smoothness.

Big, Bold and Awe inspiring

Think big, very big.  In the last image above of the seated woman, the bottom of the bag on her lap is about 6 feet off the ground. In some cases, it was one large sculpture on view, like the seated woman, but in others you were viewing a diorama depicting a scene of historical significance like a first nation warrior paddling a canoe, or a man panning for gold.

In other cases, there are sculptures within sculptures, like the artwork of dragons and people shown above. What the viewer sees is thousands upon thousands of plants totally covering the form and the surrounding landscape to create living and changing artworks. The exhibit is spectacular and thoroughly amazing.

Each of the 40 or so arrangements is so unusual, so intricate that you will literally stop, stare and wonder, “How did they do this?”

The artworks are on exhibit in Gatineau as part of the country’s celebration of 150 years of Canadian history, values, culture. Admission to the MOSAÏCANADA 150/Gatineau 2017 exhibit in Jacques-Cartier Park is free. But hurry, it closes in mid-October. For more information or directions visit the website

I understand that after the Gatineau exhibition ends, the giant plant sculptures will be moved to sites in provincial and territorial capitals.